The Beginning of an Era: The first of many to come


Last night marked the beginning of an era…the George Kottaras era in Red Sox history. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, he’s still the back-up, but George did his job and that’s all we can ask for. After striking out in his first AB, George did what he does best, collecting a single into Right Field. He ended the night going 1-for-3, which so far is second on the team (that doesn’t even count). Behind the dish, was another story. Kottaras did a good job managing Wakefield’s Knuckleball, allowing a ball in the dirt to kick off his wrist, which allowed the runner to advance. Throwing runners out was, as you can imagine, an “interesting” experience. The Angels were 4-for-4 stealing bases, which should have been 3-for-4 but the Umpire didn’t seem to agree with me. All in all, George played well, and I look forward to seeing him catch very soon!


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Kottaras did well, but that throw to second definitely needs work. Good to see him getting a hit though.

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